Facebook Data Breach 2018 | Onavo Protect BANNED By Apple

A few weeks ago there was this news doing the round; that Facebook's security App - Onavo Protect, has been banned by Apple from its AppStore for DATA breach of its users.

It is said that Onavo Protect App monitors the apps that users use and sends the information back to #Facebook. Whereas, Onvavo Protect is still available on GooglePlay Store and over 10 million Android phone users are using it.

Facebook Data Breach 2018 | Onavo Protect BANNED By Apple

In 2013 Facebook had acquired an Israel based App named - Onavo Protect, which is a security App called VPN (otherwise called a virtual private system).

Even US Congress had brought up issues against this App for DATA breach of users, for which Facebook had denied the claims; however, they accepted that their App Onavo just gathers DATA on how the App is being utilized.

Apple has said that Facebook's App is infringing its new DATA breach policy and because of this reason, Onavo Protect has been banned by Apple from their App Store.

We suggest everybody, before installing and using any applications - please read its description and furthermore make sure to check for the permissions the application is asking from your phone, to avoid any such DATA breach.

So friends, are you still using this or similar applications? And after reading this, do you still want to use them? Let us know by commenting below.

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