New iPhones 2018 Release Date | Prices in India

On 12th September, Apple has launched its 2018 iPhones; let’s find out what is special in these new iPhones and what would be its cost in India.

New iPhones 2018 Release Date | Prices in India

As per the rumors that were doing the round, Apple has finally launched three new iPhones to the world.

With the launch of these new iPhones, Apple has ended the static design that we have been seeing since iPhone6 which was launched way back in 2014. All three iPhones have taken a design cue from last year’s Apple flagship phone, i.e.: iPhoneX.

Now all three new iPhones get a notch, which is very popular even with android based phones and almost every single phone companies are trying to replicate the masterpiece design of Apple iPhone X.

With the launch of new iPhones, Apple has also launched its new flagship chipset, i.e. A12 Bionic chip. All three iPhones are powered by this new A12 Bionic chip and this chip is based on 7-nm (nanometer), which will not only increase the phone’s performance but will also be less power hungry.

Let’s catch up with the specifications and features of these phones:

iPhone XS gets 5.8-inch screen size which is bigger compared to last year’s iPhone 8 Plus’s screen of 5.5-inch; still, the overall size of the iPhone XS is more compact and handy than iPhone 8 Plus. This is a plus for all BIG screen lovers!

iPhone XS with Transparent Back Cover

Now let’s talk about this year’s most expensive iPhone, i.e. iPhone XS-MAX. This iPhone gets the BIGGEST screen size till date compared to all the iPhones, it gets a massive screen size of 6.5-inch; though, phone’s overall size will be similar to last year’s iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone XS Max with Wireless Charging Cover
Both these iPhones get OLED screen which iPhone users are going to love and this screen will also help in getting better battery life, which is again a plus for all iPhone users.

iPhone XR screen size falls between both the above iPhones since it gets a screen size of 6.1-inch and yet this iPhone too will be smaller in design compared to iPhone 8 Plus. But, iPhone XR misses out on OLED display and rather gets LCD display, which Apple calls – Liquid Retina Display.


Time to check some special features offered in these new iPhones:

According to Apple, both iPhone XS and iPhone XS-MAX will have superior AR capabilities and this will give the users a great gaming experience.

Also, both iPhone XS and iPhone XS-MAX get new camera lens, which will be liked by those who love to do mobile photography.

Long awaited surprise from Apple:

Finally, in 2018 Apple iPhone (iPhone XS and iPhone XS-Max) gets Dual-SIM option; thanks to eSIM support. This was long awaited and many iPhone lovers too were demanding to have this option in their iPhones.

However, in India Dual SIM will only work with Reliance Jio and Airtel postpaid as of now. Hope in future, these iPhones can use other service provider SIM cards too.

Let’s check the variants and prices of these iPhones:

Although the design of all three iPhones – iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR are same; yet the features and size of these phones are different. So let’s find out its different variants and prices in India.

iPhone XS and XS-Max both will be available in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options, and the colour options will be - Space Grey, Silver, and new Gold finish.

Whereas iPhone XR will be available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage options and the colour options for this iPhone will be – White, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Coral.

Due to the launch of these new iPhones, Apple has already announced a price cut for older iPhones available in the market.

What is the new iPhones 2018 Release date in India?

Starting September 28 this year, iPhone XS and iPhone XS-Max will be available for sale in India; whereas, iPhone XR can be pre-ordered from 19th October onward and from 26th October it will be available in the market.

(Update): You can now buy these 2018 iPhones from Amazon India by clicking on below links.

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