Slow Android Phone | Battery Drain Fixed In Simple Steps!

Does your Android phone slows down and becomes sluggish? Are you frustrated while switching between the Applications? Or, your mobile’s battery does not last even for a day?

Slow Android Phone | Battery Drain Fixed In Simple Steps!

If you are facing any of these issues with your mobile, then let us find out the reasons for these and tips to get it fixed.

Reasons for Slow Android Phone & Solutions to fix them:

Unnecessary Apps: Nowadays, Android phones comes with good storage and RAM capacities.

You tend to download lots and lots of Applications (Apps) and don’t even uninstall them, even if you don’t use them.

However do note that, even if you are not using those Apps, they might be running in the background - hampering your phone’s performance and battery’s life.

Solution: If you have any unused Apps in your mobile, then you just need to get rid of them.

To uninstall unnecessary Apps, just go to your Android phone’s Settings> Apps > Click the App not used by you > Uninstall.

This way, uninstall all the Apps which are unused since long. You can re-install them if you want to use them in the future.

Multiple Apps Running: You use multiple Apps at the same time; however, after using a particular app and instead of closing it, you just navigate away from that App which allows it to run in the background.

Also, on devices with the older chipset, lesser RAM and limited storage, running multiple Apps can slow down your Android phone.

Android Operating System (OS) is designed for flexibility and adaptability, and is smart enough to manage the resources for background running Apps.

However, in certain situations, these Apps run in the background which eats up your Android phone’s battery and resources.

Solution - 1: Close the Apps which you might not be using at a particular time, instead of just navigating away from it.

To close the Apps not used, click on the overview button at the bottom of the screen. This is a small square icon at the bottom on the right/left corner (depending on the Android phone model).

Just click this button and you will see the Recent Apps menu on your phone screen.

You will find all the Apps that are currently running in the background of your phone.

You just need to swipe left or right on the app that you want to stop. Or, click on "Close All" to close all the Apps.

Solution - 2: If the App is still running in the background, then the only option remaining is to turn them off manually.

To stop background running Apps manually – we will use App Manager.

You just need to, go to – Settings> Apps and Notifications, or Settings> General> Apps, or Settings> Apps(these options will differ from phone to phone).

Once you see the list of all running Apps in the background, select the App from the list that you want to stop and tap on the Stop or Force Stop button.

Please Note: Stopping Apps using App Manager can cause certain Apps to misbehave the next time you turn it on.

Hence, if it is a system app (Google Services or starts with #Google), then avoid stopping them manually.

Internal Storage Running Out of Space: Android system saves some data on your internal storage known as Cache DATA, to reduce the load time of your website, apps, photos and videos.

In the long run, these Cache DATA fills up your mobile’s internal storage, which makes your phone sluggish.

Solution: To clean Cache DATA from your Android phone, you need to use the App Manager.

Go to the Settings> Apps and Notifications, Or Settings> General> Apps, Or Settings> Apps (these options will differ from phone to phone).

Once you see the list of all Apps, select the App from the list and click on Storage option. Now you will see Clear DATA and Clear Cache options.

Clicking on Clear Cache option will clean up the Cache the particular app has created in your phone’s memory.

However, if you click on Clear DATA option, it will clear all of your DATA from that particular App (e.g. your ID or PW).

This action cannot be reversed, so click this option only after you do the backup of your DATA or if the DATA is not important.

Using Live Wallpaper & Animations: Do you love using live wallpapers on your phone? Or, the animations provided by your Android phone manufacturer?

Using live wallpapers must be cool and this is one of the interesting features in Android Phone.

Similarly, using animations too is fun - with all the transitions and effects that we get with it.

However, using live wallpaper will not only hamper your Android phone’s performance, but it will also reduce your phone’s battery life.

Same way, using system animations too will slow down your phone’s performance, once your Android phone starts getting old.

Solution 1: Just get rid of live wallpaper and go for regular wallpaper instead.

Solution 2: Turn off all the system animations; this will help your phone retain some processing power when you do regular tasks on your phone.

To turn off the system animations, you just need to go to – Settings> About Phone> Software Information> Click 7 times on Build Number and then Developer Options will get activated on your phone.

Then you need to go back to Settings; scroll down till the end – you will find Developer Options just below the About Phone option.

Click on Developer option and scroll down till you find Animation options.

You can turn off all the animation on your Android Phone, and you will definitely see an improvement in your Android phone’s performance and in battery life.

Since it will remove the animations, which are part of the live wallpaper and phone’s OS (system default animations).

Phone’s OS & Apps Not Updated: Are you one of them, who don’t update their phone’s OS and Apps?

Then, this could also be the reason for your Android phone to be slow, and battery getting drained quickly.

OS or Apps updates are not only for providing new or additional features. It also helps in fixings bugs and improving phone’s overall performance.

Solution: It is always recommended to update your phone’s OS and Apps, which not only fixes bugs if any, it also improves your phone’s user experience.

Hence, keep your Android phone and Apps always updated!

Fix Battery Drain In 2 Simple Steps:

While performing the above-mentioned actions, you might have seen battery usage details for each app.

However, it is very tasking to check each app individually if you are having tons of Apps installed on your Android phone.

The easiest way to check what is draining your phone’s battery – just go to Settings> Battery, Or Settings> Device Maintenance> Battery (different phones will have different options with a slightly different name).

You just need to go to the Battery option of your phone.

You will see the list of all Apps using the battery; some Android phones will also show how much battery % is used by which particular App.

From here, you can stop the Apps manually which are responsible for draining your phone’s battery.

Does Battery or RAM Booster Apps Help?

Avoid using Battery or RAM booster Apps - You may believe it will help optimize your Android phone’s battery or RAM.

However, these Apps continuously force-close background-running Apps, which will certainly drain the battery more, instead of saving it.

Since, these Apps are required to run in the background, to monitor the Apps continuously using a phone’s battery & RAM.

Nowadays, most of the Android phone manufacturers provide their own proprietary battery and RAM optimization options. You can use this option instead.

For Samsung mobiles, you can go to Settings> Device Maintenance and click on ‘OPTIMISED’ button.

There will be different options for different Android phone makers, which you can use to boost your Battery and RAM.

Do you believe that Booster Apps will help you optimize your Android phone’s Battery and RAM?

Or, should you use proprietary Battery and RAM option? Let us know in the comments below.

In a Nutshell:

·                  Uninstall unused Apps and delete unnecessary DATA from your phone.
·                  Close the Apps running in the background when needed.
·                  Avoid using live wallpapers and disable system animations.
·                  Always keep your phone’s OS and Apps updated.
·                  And avoid using Battery and RAM booster Apps.

Even after following the above actions, if your Android phone is still running slow and the battery drain issue is not resolved.

Then you should consider performing Factory Data Reset.

Do note that: Performing Factory Data Reset will wipe out entire data from your phone. And it will be like a new phone after performing this action.

Hence, before performing this action, remember to backup all your important data, as this action is not reversible.

To perform Factory Data Reset, you just need to go to Settings> About Phone> Reset> Factory Data Reset

In case, none of these solutions resolve your issue - then it’s time to gift yourself any of these new mobile!

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