How to Identify the Song You Are Listening To?

Does any song get stuck in your head? Or you forgot the lyrics of some latest song and now you are humming it? How to identify the song?

We can easily find people around us, who just hum the unknown lyrics every now and then, as they don’t remember the exact lyrics of a particular song.
What many would do is to try Google it out. The simplest way, isn’t it?
But, does that really help every time? The inevitable answer is “NO”.
So, what’s the best and simplest way to identify the song?

How to Identify the Song You Are Listening To

How to identify the Song?
If you are Android or Apple mobile user, you are in with luck.
The best and simplest way to identify the song for Android or Apple user is, App called SoundHound, which is the best utility tool to identify the song.

SoundHound works like an Eagle’s eye. Its humming recognition tool (Voice Control using “OK Hound”).
It gives you very precise details of the song you’re listening to.
Imagine that you are chilling at the bar with your fellas, where some good music is playing in the background and you like the music and you really want to identify the song.
No worries! SoundHound will identify the song for you. Just install the App on your Android or Apple device and tap it to open or just say, “OK Hound”.
Let your phone listen for a few seconds and that’s it! SoundHound will let you identify the song for you.

SoundHound Android App:

The Android App of SoundHound will start listening to the song. It will record a short sample of that song and will upload it to check.
Within a short span of time, you will get the details of the songs which include the name of the song, artist, genre, lyrics, etc.
More interestingly, the lyrics of that song will magically sync with the song playing and you can literally sing out with the flow.

SoundHound iOS App:

The iOS App of SoundHound can easily be connected to your Spotify account, and it comes integrated with Apple Music.
This App will help you identify the song and you can play the song on the go.
SoundHound also comes with the built-in feature of  YouTube player, which makes listening to the songs or streaming the video songs absolutely free.

About SoundHound:

SoundHound was founded in the year 2005 as an audio and speech company. Earlier it was known as Midomi App; however, in 2009 it was re-branded as SoundHound.
And by the end of 2012, SoundHound had over 100 million users globally and 300 million global users by the end of 2016.
The desktop version of SoundHound is still known as Midomi.
Similar to SoundHound, you can sing or hum a song from your computer or laptop (using the mic) and Midomi will search the song for you.
So, are you still humming and trying to identify the song? Then, it’s time for you to give SoundHound a try.
SoundHound App is available for all Android and Apple users – please find the download links here below:
Friends let us know in comments if SoundHound App works for you. Or, you can also share the details of any other way or App which can be helpful in identifying the songs.
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