Enviroglobe Radiation Purifier by Modicare

With the growing number of users for mobile, laptop, tablet and electronic gadgets; the electromagnetic radiations have increased drastically in the last decade.

From dawn to dusk, we all are surrounded by radiation-emitting electronic gadgets in our home and our office. Also, consider the radiation from mobile towers near us.

Enviroglobe Radiation Purifier by Modicare
Enviroglobe Radiation Purifier by Modicare
Doctors have even termed this as extremely harmful for humans, along with all other living beings, and our environment too is getting effected by these harmful radiations.

What is radiation and its effects?

Radiation is a release of the electromagnetic spectrum in the form of rays or particles. It is capable of affecting living cells, that can damage our DNA.

Thank the stars, that our body cells are efficient enough to repair themselves; however, if it is not able to repair themselves, the cell dies and can become cancerous.

When you are exposed to a very high level of radiations, such as mobile towers, WiFi routers, Smart-TV, mobile, laptop, servers in our office, etc., they cause acute health effects.

The effect ranges from deprived of sleep, increase in stress, common headache issue, tiredness, low immunity that causes us to fall sick very often.

In extreme cases, these harmful radiations cause brain tumor, cardiovascular, and even cancer, which has become very common nowadays.

Scientists say that children, old age people, and pregnant women are the worst affected by these dangerous electromagnetic radiations.

Even, World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the mobile phone radiation (Electrosmog) as a possible carcinogen of level 2b. This falls under the same category of exhaust fumes, lead, asbestos, and other deadly substances.

Electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced this century, all the more dangerous because it’s invisible and insensible. - Mr. Andrew Weil (MD, Physician, the best-selling author of eight books and a Harvard School Graduate)

Enviroglobe Radiation Purifier from Modicare

Modicare has launched Enviroglobe Radiation Purifier in India last month, which would safeguard you and your family from the harmful radiation anytime and anywhere.

Enviroglobe Radiation Purifier helps purify the radiations emitted from all the electronic gadgets around us, that possess potential health risks to everyone.

Modicare Enviroglobe Radiation Purifier is an addition to Modicare Limited’s Modicare Envirochip, which they had launched a few years ago.

Features and Benefits

The Modicare Enviroglobe Radiation Purifier helps to protect an area of approximately 300-350 sq. ft. from the ill-effects of electromagnetic radiation. It neutralizes the harmful nature of radiation without altering the signal strength and its quality.


Enviroglobe helps in reducing the stress in the human body caused due to the exposure to Electromagnetic radiation and Electrosmog over a period of time.

Tested and Direction for Use

Enviroglobe Radiation Purifier has been tested on more than 1000 people and it has also been proved that after having Enviroglobe Radiation Purifier installed, pulse rate has reduced by 4-7 percent in those people who had a high pulse rate (> 82). Lower pulse rate is an indication of lower stress and better health.


To make your surrounding radiation friendly, you can place the Enviroglobe Radiation Purifier in your car, home, or carry to your office or hotel room, due to its compact size.
It covers 300-350 sq. ft. of the area and can be recharged via sunlight, artificial light, and lamp for 15 minutes once in a week.

It is sold by Modicare consultants across India at an MRP of Rs. 4,500/-, and it is also available at a discounted price if you register yourself for FREE with the company.

So, what are you waiting for? If you care for you and your family member’s health, then get one Enviroglobe today.

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Source: Enviroglobe and Modicare

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