Anupama: 3 big mistakes made by the makers in the Upcoming Episode of Anupama

Anupama: 3 big mistakes made by the makers in the Upcoming Episode


Recently, #MaAn fans have been trending on social media regarding the mistakes made by the makers of the Anupama TV Serial.

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Mistake #1:

In one scene, Kinjal is seen wearing a blue sari with silver leaf motifs.

But the makers have forgotten that fans don't forget the dress of their favourite character.


That's why the fans of the show immediately caught this mistake and started commenting that this sari was once worn by Anupama during her college reunion when she met Anuj. And some fans are trolling the makers on social media on this matter.

Mistake #2:-

In the episode's new promo, fans noticed another big mistake, where in a scene Sudhanshu Pandey aka Vanraj is seen driving a car while he is taking Kinjal to the hospital along with Anupama and Samar.

But the makers forgot that Vanraj is still not able to walk without support at the moment, but he is driving the car by himself even with Anupama and Samar there with him (they both can also drive) and on top of that he is risking a pregnant Kinjal, on this, the fans are questioning, 'How he can do that?'

Mistake #3:-

In the same promo, we see Toshu and the Shah family attending the Kapadia House Ganesh Pooja, but when Kinjal is taken to the hospital, Samar is seen sitting in the car instead of Toshu.

Fans are highlighting this to the makers, that in such a situation any wife wants her husband to be with her and vice-versa, but perhaps the makers have forgotten this.

Friends, what do you think about these mistakes of the makers?

Apart from this, is there any other mistake that you have noticed?

Please tell your thoughts in the comments below.

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