Anupama: Big news for Anupama fans; Nidhi Shah a.ka. Kinju Baby is no more a part of the show

Anupama 30 August 2022 Upcoming Twist: Big news for Anupama fans; Nidhi Shah a.ka. Kinju Baby is no more a part of the show


Anupama's Upcoming Twist: Recently, the original Samar of the show i.e. actor Paras Kalnawat left the show, and now Kinjal Shah (Nidhi Shah) is going to say goodbye to the show.

Anupama's Latest Twist: The serial 'Anupama', which has been sitting on the throne of number 1 in the world of Indian TV shows for the last two years, is famous for its storyline.

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The makers bring such twists to the story that the audience remains attached to the show. But now the show starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna seems to be in constant trouble.

Recently, the show's strong actor Paras Kalnawat left the show, while now it is reported that Kinjal has also decided to leave the show.

Big news for Anupama fans; Nidhi Shah i.e. Kinju Baby is no more a part of the show:-

The story of 'Anupama' has come to a positive turn these days. While Anuj is recovering well, Barkha and Ankush are also regretting their mistake.

On the other hand, now the Dhoom of Ganpati festival is also going to be seen in the show. But in the midst of this, Kinjal will start having labour pains.

You must be thinking that now there will be happiness in Shah House after the birth of the child, but this is not going to happen.

According to the news of Times Now, Nidhi Shah has taken the decision to leave the show.

So now the makers have also created a twist that ends her role instead of replacing her with another Kinjal.

The whole scene will be like this:-

According to the news, the entire Shah family will come to the Kapadia House for the Ganesh festival.

Anupama and Anuj are going to perform puja and other family members will also join them for the aarti.

Then we will see suddenly Kinjal's health will deteriorate and her labour pain will start.

All the family members would get worried for her and then we will see Anupama along with Vanraj and Samar taking Kinjal to the hospital, where she will breathe her last after giving birth to her child.

Rest, only time will tell whether this really happens or Kinjal's life will be saved.

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