BCHD 27th August 2022 Written Update: Yuvan Confesses To Banni; Banni Suspects Manini

Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) 27th August 2022 Written Update: Yuvan Confesses To Banni; Banni Suspects Manini


At the start of the episode, Banni asks her customers if they left their tiffin open by mistake.

Hearing Banni’s excuse, the customer gets angry and refuses to take her tiffin service anymore.

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Meanwhile, Devraj defends Banni and apologises to her customers.

At the same time, Banni also get calls from her other customers with the same complaints and she apologises to them profusely.

Afterwards, Banni questions Viraj, Charmie and Alpana to accept their fault if they have done something to her tiffins.

However, Yuvan confesses to Banni that he was the one who ate the tiffins.

Hearing this, Banni's eyes fill with tears of betrayal while Viraj taunts Banni to swing her hunter on her husband Yuvan.

Meanwhile, all the customers leave angrily after putting Banni's tiffins on the floor.

Afterwards, Banni confronts Yuvan and questions him why he has done this to her.

However, innocent Yuvan explains to Banni that he just wanted to act like Krishan Ji and steals from her gopi Banni.

Afterwards, Banni tries to explain to Yuvan that Krishan Ji's stealing symbolises stealing people’s hearts and not food.

Yuvan apologises to Banni for his mistake and tells her that he has done this to make Manini happy.

Meanwhile, Manini recalls telling Yuvan, the stories of Krishan Ji while Banni accuses Manini of taking advantage of Yuvan’s innocence.

However, Manini defends herself by saying that Yuvan misunderstands the story.

Meanwhile, Yuvan apologises to Banni and offers to apologise to each of her clients for his actions.

Later on, Manini gives a budget of 50k to Viraj and Charmie for the wedding gift.

On the other hand, Banni and Yuvan apologise to one of the customers in the neighbourhood but he refuses to forgive Banni and insults Yuvan.

Banni warns the man not to insult her husband and then scolds Yuvan and orders him to keep quiet and goes to buy vegetables.

Afterwards, Yuvan notices a girl crying and finds out that she needs a flute for her music competition.

Yuvan takes a carrot and knife from Banni and makes a flute for the girl and plays it melodically.

The girl thanks Yuvan and gives him a peacock feather while everyone claps for Yuvan.

Afterwards, Yuvan gives Banni's business card to the girl’s father who gives Banni a new project.

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Manini is behind Yuvan’s change

Later, Banni thanks Yuvan and helps him swing hanging in the market.

Suddenly, Yuvan exclaims that he is missing his mother while Banni feels confused and asks Yuvan why he suddenly loves Manini.

However, Yuvan apologises to Banni and says that it is his and Manini's secret so he can't tell her.

Episode Ends!

BCHD 29th August 2022 Episode Update: Banni Suspects Manini

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Manini treats Yuvan like Krishna while Hemant feels happy seeing their bond. 

Afterwards, Banni and Yuvan dance together as Radha and Krishna. 

Later, Banni talks to Palak and finds out that something has happened to Yuvan in the planetarium.

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