BCHD 29th August 2022 Written Update: Banni Accepts Punishment For Yuvan's Mistake

Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) 29th August 2022 Written Update: Banni Accepts Punishment For Yuvan's Mistake


At the start of the episode, Banni and Yuvan arrange Bhog for Krishna Ji. Yuvan fixes Banni's hair then he sees Manini and goes to decorate Krishna Ji with him. 

Banni gets a call from Vishnu who tells her that he had gone to the planetarium but Ravi Goel says that he did not meet Banni. 

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Yuvan Confesses To Banni

Hearing this, Banni gets confused and searches for Ravi Goyal on Google but it shows another person so Banni thinks he is not the one they met.

Charmi tells Viraj that she has to get gifts worth 3-4 lakh for marriage. Afterwards, Charmi leaves without seeing the slip falling from her bag while Viraj follows her. 

Banni gets a clue that comes out of Charmi's bag. She tells Devraj that Viraj and Charmi had gone to the planetarium a day before her and the director they met is not the real one. 

Banni also tells Devraj that Yuvan was locked in the planetarium and something happened to him when he was locked. 

Just then, the power goes out while Hemant, Viraj and Veer chase the one who stole the golden flute. 

Devraj and Banni come there and ask what happened. Hemant says that someone has stolen the golden flute. 

Hemant asks the thief to come out but Yuvan comes out and tells them that he stole it. 

However, Banni remembers Yuvan's promise to never steal anything while Yuvan looks at Manini.

Banni asks Yuvan if anyone has asked him to steal while Hemant tells her to stop blaming others when it is his fault. 

Hemant takes Yuvan with him and puts the flute in the swing. Hemant blames Banni for Yuvan's change. 

Banni questions Yuvan about why did he do this to which Yuvan replies that he wants to look like Krishna Ji. 

Banni says to Yuvan that he can take the flute in front of everyone and she knows that he is not the thief and asks him to tell her what happened.

Banni asks Yuvan why he is taking the wrong blame on himself as she knows that he does not know how to paint and is not even wearing the moon sign. 

However, Yuvan says that he is the bad boy who stole it. Meanwhile, Palak looks tense while Viraj taunts Banni for not punishing Yuvan for stealing.

Banni says that Yuvan will get punished. Banni picks up a thick stick and gives it to Charmie and tells her to beat her instead of Yuvan.

Moreover, Banni declares she will get Yuvan’s share of the beating as he has done the same for her.

Hearing this, Charmie feels ecstatic and swings the stick in her hand but Yuvan pulls Banni back.

Frustrated Banni asks Yuvan who told him to steal the golden flute but Yuvan remains silent and looks at Manini with guilty eyes.

Banni says to Yuvan that there is no trust in their relationship and asks Charmi to beat her. Charmi beats Banni but Yuvan hugs Banni and requests her to not get beaten anymore while Banni sees Palak giving her a guilty look. 

Episode Ends!

BCHD 30th August 2022 Episode Update: Banni Suspects Manini

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Manini treats Yuvan like Krishna while Hemant feels happy seeing their bond. 

Afterwards, Banni and Yuvan dance together as Radha and Krishna. 

Later, Banni talks to Palak and finds out that something has happened to Yuvan in the planetarium.

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