GHKKPM 30th August 2022 Written Update: Seeing Vinayak's love for Sai-Savi - Pakhi gets stressed

Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Meiin 30th August 2022 Upcoming Episode: Seeing Vinayak's love for Sai-Savi - Pakhi gets stressed


In today's episode, we see that Ashwini asks Virat to forget his past and Sai and start his life afresh.

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Ashwini tells Virat that now Pakhi is his wife and Pakhi has given the chirag of the Chavan family "Vinayak" after Sai had left along with Vinayak in anger and they lost both Sai and Vinayak in the bus accident.

If Vinayak whom we know is Pakhi and Virat's child and not Sai's then it's really strange that on one hand, Virat does not even want to touch Pakhi and keeps his distance from her.

How come he married his brother's widow, that too Pakhi cause of whom Sai had left Chavan house with Vinayak and both met with an accident.

On top of that, in the entire conversation between Virat and Ashwini, Virat keeps on telling Ashwini multiple times how much is misses Sai and that he can never forget her till he dies, but he has a kid with Pakhi.

On the other side of the story, Sai is still furious with Virat and don't want to talk about him, since he never came searching for her and cause of him, she lost her child and Savi's elder brother Vinayak.

Then at Chavan's house, Vinayak feels severe pain in his legs when both Virat and Pakhi carry him to his room.

Pakhi gives medicines to Vinayak but he refuses to have them and asks her to apply the paste (lep) that his doctor aunty has given him.

He tells Pakhi that the paste is in his school bag; Pakhi goes to fetch Vinayak's school back.

Then we see that when Pakhi goes to collect Vinayak's school bag, she is shocked to see Sai-Savi's photo lying next to the school bag.

Pakhi learns that Sai is still alive and Savi, who has become a good friend of Vinayak, is Sai's daughter.

Later we see that Pakhi applies the same paste (lep) on Vinayak's feet which Sai had given Vinayak.

Then Vinayak, who is in a lot of pain, remembers Sai and Savi and tells Virat and Pakhi how good both are.

On the other hand, the evil MLA reaches Sai's house to harass her for educating the village ladies, while Sai confronts him.

Later in the night, Savi calls up Vinayak and both Virat and Pakhi start to wonder why Savi is calling so late in the night.

Is Sai in trouble because Savi is calling Vinayak to ask his father to help?

Will Pakhi let Virat go for help, as she now knows that Savi is Sai's daughter and she is alive?

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