Imlie: Imlie-Aryan saves Cheeni from goons; Imlie confesses her unconditional love to Aryan

Imlie 29th August 2022 Upcoming Episode: Imlie-Aryan saves Cheeni from goons; Imlie confesses her unconditional love to Aryan


At the start of today's episode, we see Aaryali reaching the place and quickly getting out of the car; however, Imlie finds her phone which fell on the pavement.

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Imlie 30th August 2022 Upcoming Episode

Imlie starts crying as she loses hope, while Aryan tries to console Imlie and keep the hope alive.

Suddenly Aryan remembers the car passing by and sees a small shadow in the window, both Aryan and Imlie run towards their car.

They follow the car to catch the culprits. Meanwhile, the car chase ensues as the goons turn their car aside from getting caught by Aryan.

However, Aryan picks up speed and drifts the car at the turn and stops the car in front of the goon's car.

Then Imlie runs towards the car while Cheeni gets out of the kidnapper's car by chopping off the goon's hand. Cheeni hugs Imlie and Aryan jumps with joy.

Later, Imlie and Aryan stand in a room completely decorated with white curtains and fairy lights.

Then Imlie confesses her unconditional love to Aryan. Putting out the flame of Aryan's hatred, Imlie hugs him.

Later, Aryan and Imlie are seen lying on the bed together. Imlie continues her confession with eyes full of love.

Aryan listens impatiently to Imlie's confession and his heart melts at her words.

Slowly getting lost in each other's embrace, they complete their marriage.

However, after some time Aryan wakes up alone on the same bed and asks who is he.

Have Aryan and Imlie reunited and cleared their misunderstandings?

Or was it just a dream?

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