Imlie New Promo: Tragedy Strikes Aryan And Imlie's Life

Imlie New Promo: Tragedy Strikes Aryan And Imlie's Life


So far we have seen that Malini tries very hard to prevent Aryan and Imlie from reuniting, even hiring goons to kidnap Cheeni.

However, Imlie and Aryan somehow manage to save Cheeni from the kidnappers.

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Imlie-Aryan saves Cheeni from goons

Later, Cheeni makes Aryan and Imlie drink Bhaang which leads to Imlie and Aryan's reunion after 5 years of separation.

Now, the latest promo of Imlie has brought some really interesting twists to the story.

Imlie Upcoming Twist: Tragedy Strikes Arylie's Life

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Imlie gets pregnant and the show will take a leap of 9 months.

After the leap, Imlie will give birth to a cute baby girl while Malini will also find out about Cheeni's real identity.

The arrival of the new baby will bring lots of happiness into Aryan and Imlie's life however just then tragedy strikes.

Aryan and Imlie will sadly lose their life in an accident and Malini will take this golden opportunity to instigate Cheeni against her newborn sister.

It will be really interesting to see how the life of the two sisters turns out after Imlie and Aryan's death.

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