Udaariyaan 26 August 2022 Upcoming Episode: Tejo is upset by Nehmat's stealing behaviour

Udaariyaan 26 August 2022 Written Update: Tejo is upset by Nehmat's stealing behaviour


At the start of today's episode, Nehmat requests Malika to come out of her room before anyone sees her but Malika doesn't listen to her.

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Meanwhile, Tejo and Fateh happily enter Nehmat's room to wish their darling daughter a happy birthday.

However, Tejo and Fateh are shocked to see Malika in the room and both the girls freeze in fear.

Malika whispers to Nehmat that her Hitler mama has arrived and now her birthday party will be cancelled.

Tejo scolds Malika for staying out of the house for so long and threatens to call her mother.

Malika apologizes to Tejo and quickly tries to leave the room but Fateh tells Tejo that he will drop Malika at her house safely.

Fateh takes Malika while Tejo mistakes her lipstick and snatches the chapstick from Nehmat.

Tejo is upset by Nehmat's stealing behaviour:-

Tejo after making sure that Nehmat is sleeping, Tejo goes back to her room.

Fateh comes back home after leaving Malika and hugs his angry wife and cheers her up for Nehmat's birthday party.

The next morning, Tejo dolls Nehmat in a Supergirl outfit and takes her to the party, while Nehmat sees Chapstick in Tejo's purse.

Meanwhile, Virk and Sandhu's family extend their best wishes and blessings to Nehmat.

Later, Nehmat secretly walks toward Tejo's purse and starts opening the purse but Tejo catches her red-handed.

Tejo accuses Nehmat of stealing while staring at her with an angry look.

Will Tejo's suspicion of Nehmat being like her biological father come true?

Where is Jasmine living with Naaz - is Yash with her?

So friends, what do you think about Nehmat's behaviour, will it be like her prisoner father's?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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