YHC 30th August 2022 Written Update: Preesha is alive! Kanchan throws Prem out of their house

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th August 2022 Written Update: Preesha is alive! Vidyut snatched Raj's voice; puts the blame on Pihu's mother; Kanchan throws Prem out of their house


Previously, we saw how Rudra tells the truth to Preesha, after which Preesha gets a panic attack, which leads to her death.

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Earlier we had thought that the role of Preesha's character is over, or it was some trick of Preesha to bring out Armaan's truth.

In today's episode, we saw that it was all imagination of Rudra and Preesha is very much alive and he cares for Preesha which Preesha can feel.

Just at that time, Armaan comes there and sees Rudra with Preesha, he gets angry and picks up a fight with him.

Then, Vidyut, Raj and Pihu also come there and pull both of them apart and Preesha takes Armaan away from there.

Seeing all the ruckus, Pihu breaks down and feels low and she is not ready to participate in the competition.

At this Raj consoles her and motivates her and to make her stop crying, he hugs her to give her some comfort, which Vidyut sees and does not like it.

Later, we saw that Pihu's mother Kanchan brings green tea for Pihu and Raj, but Vidyut, who is also present there, mixes something in Raj's green tea, after which he loses his voice and he is unable to perform on stage.

Rudra asks Raj if he had eaten or drank anything just before his performance, at this Vidyut tells Rudra that Pihu's mother had given Green Tea to Raj just before he went to the stage.

Then, Vidyut accuses Kanchan of Raj's condition, and at the same time, he also instigates Rudra, that Pihu's mother has done this to Raj to take revenge on Rudra.

Pihu gets shocked to see the allegations levelled against her mother by Vidyut.

Later at the Thakur house, we see that Digvijay is happy that Armaan has made a direct attack on Rudra's honour today, by snatching Raj's voice, but Armaan tells him that he didn't and both of them start to worry, as to who could have done this.

On the other hand, we see that Kanchan reaches her home and finds that her imported flower plant is still in the box and lying outside in the garden and she finds that the plant has died.

Kanchan gets furious at Prem and confronts him for his carelessness cause of which her flower plant died.

Kanchan is so angry with Prem that she removes him from the work and asks him to leave their home right away.

Hearing all these, Prem goes speechless, while both Saaraansh and Ruhi get stunned.

Will Rudra and his children's plan to bring back Preesha's memory fail?

Will Vidyut's evil actions separate Raj and Pihu forever?

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