YHC 31st August 2022 Written Update: Armaan exposes Prem, finds he is Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st August 2022 Written Update: Armaan exposes Prem, finds he is Rudra | YHC


Vidyut puts blames of his evil deeds on Kanchan:-

In today's episode, we saw Kanchan who is already sad, as Vidyut puts the entire blame on her, that Raj's voice is gone after drinking the green tea that was given by Kanchan.

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Rudra's plan to expose Armaan failed

Later, when Kanchan reaches home, she sees that her imported flower plant is still kept outside and that plant has now died.

Seeing this Kanchan gets furious with Prem and goes to his room to confront him.

But when she does not find Prem in his room, Kanchan becomes super angry with him.

Seeing the situation going out of hand, Ruhi quickly calls Rudra and informs him about the incident at the Thakur house and also asks him to come home quickly.

Armaan exposes Prem:-

In the upcoming episode, we will see that after Prem returns to the Thakur house, Kanchan lashes out at Prem and scolds him for his carelessness.

Kanchan is so angry with Prem that fires him from the work and also asks him to leave the house right away.

Hearing this Rudra, Saaransh and Ruhi get stunned.

Now the twist!

Rudra had solved this matter while coming back to the Thakur house, as he brings a similar flower plant with him and gives it to Kanchan after making some excuse.

This way Prem is able to save his job and also gets to live in Thakur House.

But Armaan is unable to digest this, as he starts to think, as to how the gardener can bring such an expensive and imported flower.

The next day, Armaan finds the empty box of the same flower plant in a dustbin outside his house and goes to the address printed on it to find out the name of those who ordered that flower from that flower shop.

The flower seller informs Armaan that so far two people have ordered this flower, one is Kanchan Thakur and the other one is Rudraksh Khurana.

Hearing Rudra's name Armaan's doubt turns into belief and perhaps this time he will find out that Prem is Rudra.

Friends, what do you think, will Armaan expose Rudra's veil this time?

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