Anupama 3 September 2022 Written Update: Anupama forces Toshu to swear on her and tell the truth; Toshu is in tears

Anupama 3rd September 2022 Written Update: Anupama forces Toshu to swear on her and tell the truth; Toshu is in tears


At the start of today’s episode, Hasmuk asks Anupama if anything is bothering her.

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Anupama tells Hasmuk that Rakhi seems to be restless with something but she is unable to share it.

Hasmuk says even realized the same but they should wait until she herself speaks up about the same.

Anupama says Rakhi is not someone who keeps quiet, if she is unable to tell about it, then there is some serious concern.

Hasmuk asks Anupama to stop bothering about Rakhi's concern and instead she should go home and check on Choti Anu and Anuj.

At this Anupama says GK is with Choti Anu and Anuj and she will go back later.

Later, Anuj and Choti Anu make a video call to Anupama. Anuj tries to talk with Anupama but Paritosh interrupts, seeing this Anuj gets anxious.

Seeing all this, Barkha and Ankush decide to help Anuj, but Anuj refuses to take their help.

Then Barkha and Ankush decide to keep trying until they improve their relationship with Anuj.

At the Hospital, the staff asks the Shah family to leave as visiting hours are over. She says that only one person can stay back.

At this, Toshu decides to stay back with Kinjal and the baby.

Hearing this, Rakhi interrupts and says Toshu will not stay back, which makes all the family members confused.

Then Rakhi clarifies that Kinjal needs a woman around and hence she decides to stay back.

Leela says Rakhi is Kinjal's mother and she will definitely take care of Kinjal and the baby, while the Shah family decide to leave.

Vanraj says to Anupama that they will drop her, while Anupama asks them to go home and says she will manage to go home on her own.

At this time, Toshu decides to stay back for some time with Kinjal and the baby, but Rakhi stops Toshu from meeting Kinjal and the baby.

Rakhi confronts Toshu about taking a girl to the hotel room. Toshu gets shocked and in fear tries to lie to Rakhi that she is misunderstanding him.

Rakhi loses her cool on Toshu for cheating upon Kinjal. She compares Toshu with Vanraj.

Just at that time, Anupama returns to the hospital to get back her mobile that she forgot in the hospital.

Rakhi confronts Toshu for cheating upon Kinjal. At last, Toshu accepts his bad deeds and tells Rakhi that Kinjal was pregnant thus it was just a fling towards another girl.

Hearing this Rakhi get super furious with Toshu and she warns him, that she is giving him another chance because of Kinjal and her granddaughter.

If he ever does this again in future, she will just kill him for cheating on her daughter.

Episode Ends!

In the coming episode, Hasmuk and Leela are talking about Rakhi’s decision for taking Kinjal to her house.

On the other side, Anupama asks Toshu to swear on her and asks him to tell the truth which brings tears to Toshu's eyes, seeing this Anupama gets tensed.

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