Anupama 6 September 2022 Written Update: Rakhi separates Kinjal from the Shah family

Anupama 6th September 2022 Written Update: Rakhi separates Kinjal from the Shah family


At the start of today’s episode, Anupama puts Choti Anu to sleep and then she recalls Rakhi and Toshu’s words and gets disturbed.

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At the Shah house, Leela says happiness also brings fear along. While we see that both Vanraj and Anupama pray to protect their happiness in their respective homes.

Then we see Toshu standing with teary eyes, while Rakhi adores Kinjal and the baby.

At the Kapadia mansion, Anuj falls down from the bed. Seeing this Anupama gets worried for Anuj.

Anupama calls out for GK for help, while Choti Anu also wakes up and asks Anupama what happened to her Papa.

GK, Ankush, Adhik and Barkha come running to see Anuj, while Choti Anu asks GK what happened to her Papa.

GK tries to console Choti Anu and Choti Anu prays for Anuj’s recovery.

Then, Adhik calls the doctor and the doctor assures Anupama that Anuj is fine.

After hearing this both Choti Anu and Anupama thank God. Anupama asks the doctor what happened to Anuj. The doctor tells Anupama that post-brain surgery body reacts in such a manner.

The doctor asks the family members to be with Anuj as he can’t be handled by the nurse alone. Doctor asks the Kapadia family to make sure Anuj doesn’t fall down or get bumped into something.

Hearing this both Ankush and Barkha recall Anuj falling from the wheelchair. They ask Anupama not to worry as they will be with them in their hard time.

While Anupama thinks about Kinjal’s baby and cries seeing Anuj's condition. Then Adhik decides to bring Anuj’s medicine.

At the Shah house, both Pakhi and Samar decorate their house to welcome the baby, while both Hasmuk and Leela join them in the decoration.

Pakhi talks about the cot brought by Rakhi, while Leela brings an old cot and says Kinjal’s baby will use it too.

Pakhi, Samar and Hasmuk go against Leela. They call her old-fashioned. At this Leela asks Pakhi and Samar to go and sleep, just then Toshu comes back home.

On the other side, Anupama thinks about doctors’ advice for not leaving Anuj alone.

Anupama worries about thinking about Kinjal and her baby. She asks God to stop testing her this time.

At the Shah house, Pakhi, Samar and Toshu talk about raising the baby and they all get excited to welcome the baby. Then Pakhi and Samar ask Toshu to sleep in another room as they are going to decorate the room for the baby.

Then Samar asks Toshu why Rakhi was behaving weird with him. At this Toshu lies that Rakhi was just angry because he was late.

At the Kapadia Mansion, Anupama wishes to be with Anuj, Choti Anu and Kinjal too and she wants to live the moment. Just then, Anuj wakes up.

Anupama and Anuj share quality time together. Anuj sees the bruises and worries about how that happened.

Anupama gets worried hearing this and she learns that Anuj is suffering from partial memory loss. She stops Ankush and Barkha from disclosing the truth to Anuj.

At the hospital, Kinjal asks Rakhi if she didn’t sleep. Rakhi says she was worried about the baby. Then Rakhi thinks about exposing Toshu.

On the other side, Anupama decides to make Anuj recall the past and she shows Anuj the photos of Kinjal’s baby. After seeing the photos Anuj remembers the baby and Anupama gets happy.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that the Shah family along with Anupama are waiting eagerly for Kinjal and her baby.

On the other side, Vanraj and Toshu too are excited to bring Kinjal and the baby to the Shah house.

While Rakhi has some other plans, as she drives their car and takes it to Dave Mansion. Seeing this, Kinjal, Vanraj and Toshu get stunned.

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