GHKKPM 1st September 2022 Written Update: MLA Gulab Rao raises questions on Sai's character and her relationship with Jagtap

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Meiin 1st September 2022 Written Update: MLA Gulab Rao raises questions on Sai's character and her relationship with Jagtap


At the beginning of today's episode, Virat, absorbed in his thoughts, walks into his room and bumps into Pakhi.

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Virat tells Pakhi about Savi's video call and after hearing his sweet talk about Savi mentions Sai's name.

Virat then immediately apologizes to Pakhi for inadvertently hurting her.

Pakhi tells him that she has accepted the fact that Sai will always be between them.

Seeing Pakhi leaving the room, Virat feels guilty and gets worried.

However, Pakhi tells him that she is not going out of the room because of Sai but is going to sit beside Ganeshji.

On the other hand, Sai is also seen sitting with Ganeshji's lamp and thinking about Virat.

Virat and Pakhi also think about the past and bear their pain in their own way.

The next morning, Savi asks Sai to take a selfie, while Sai tells Usha Mausi to hurry up.

Meanwhile, other women are praising Sai.

At Chavan Niwas, Pakhi keeps Vinayak ready for school and asks him to get him to talk to Savi when he calls Savi.

Later, Vinayak tells Pakhi to wear slippers and not walk barefoot.

Vinayak is unaware that Pakhi remains barefoot for Vinayak's sake till Ganapati immersion so that Ganpatiji can heal Vinayak's feet.

Bhavani praises Pakhi for Vinayak's dedication and tells Ashwini that it is time to bring a partner into the house to play with Vinayak.

However, Ashwini tells him that Virat has not accepted Pakhi as his wife till now.

As a solution, Bhavani suggests sending Virat and Pakhi on a honeymoon, hoping that they can come closer when they spend alone time together.

On the other side of the story, Gulab Rao questions Sai's character in front of the entire village and asks Sai about her husband and her daughter's father.

Jagtap gets furious on hearing this and tries to defend Sai but Sai stops him.

Seeing this, Satan Gulab Rao also raises questions about the relationship between Sai and Jagtap.

Sai looks at Gulab Rao angrily, while Gulab Rao keeps pouring poison into the minds of the villagers against Sai.

Will Sai give a befitting reply to Gulab Rao? Or will he have to leave the village?

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