GHKKPM 2nd September 2022 Written Update: Savi gets scolded by Sai; Virat-Pakhi to start a new life

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 2nd September 2022 Written Update: Savi gets scolded by Sai; Virat-Pakhi to start a new life


At the start of today's episode, Gulabrao interrupts the Ganesh festival and starts talking about Sai on the stage.

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Gulabrao plans to kill Sai, and sends goons

Gulabrao takes the mic and starts narrating about Sai, whereas Sai gets concerned about the effect on Savi and asks Usha Mausi to take her away from there, but Savi refuses to go.

Gulabrao raises questions about Sai's character. He proclaims that she doesn’t have any husband and questions her to tell the name of Savi’s father.

Sai gets furious at Gulabrao but keeps quiet. while Jagtap becomes infuriated and decides to teach Gulabrao a lesson, but Sai stops him and asks him not to interfere in her matter.

Jagtap agrees and gets aside and glares at Gulabrao, seeing this Gulabrao then starts talking ill about Sai and Jagtap’s relationship. He says that not only Jagtap, but Sai have affairs and relationships with many others guys.

This makes Sai furious at Gulabrao and she confronts him. Whereas, Savi also gets angry hearing bad about her mother and asks Sai to reply back to Gulabrao.

Sai faces Gulabrao fiercely and states that she will tell him the name of Savi’s father if he really wants to know about him.

Sai glares at Gulabrao and tells him that she is herself Savi’s father.

Gulabrao smirks and replies that his accusations are right, to which Sai insults him and says that he doesn’t even have respect for himself.

Then Sai tells how Gulabrao threatened her and when she denied accepting his offer to take the money and not build a hospital, he started accusing her. She reveals the truth in front of everyone, while they get shocked.

Seeing the reactions of people Gulabrao becomes tensed.

Then Sai asks her ladies students to tell about how Gulabrao threatened them by entering their classes with his goons.

Gualabrao gets scared of getting exposed and goes away from there after giving a warning to Sai, while she also gives him a befitting reply and starts the function of the Ganesh festival.

Savi gets scolded by Sai:-

Later Savi asks Sai about her father, after reaching their home. But Sai ask Savi to go to her room but Savi gets rebel and keeps asking about her father.

Savi says that every child has a father, then why not her?

This makes Sai angry at Savi and shouts at her. Usha scolds Sai for her rude behaviour with Savi and then takes Savi inside the room.

On the other side of the story, Bhavani looks at Mohit and Mohit signals something to her and then he passes the tickets to Shivani.

Sonali questions Karishma as she comes from outside, while Karishma gets worried and avoids Sonali's question and joins the family.

Later, Shivani passes the tickets to Bhavani, hiding from Virat.

Virat gets suspicious and asks about it, to which Bhavani asks Pakhi and Virat to go for a trip.

Hearing this Virat gets furious and scolds Pakhi for doing all this, while the Pakhi gets is shocked as she is unaware of all about it.

Virat lashes out at Pakhi while she clarifies that she wasn’t involved in it, and then she explains the concern of the family towards them.

Pakhi says that she knows Virat still misses Sai and cries stating that she bears the truth daily.

Pakhi then says that their family is worried for them and so thought about helping them to start a new beginning.

Pakhi breaks down in front of Virat stating how much pain she feels daily seeing him suffer.

Episode Ends!

Virat-Pakhi's new beginning:-

In the upcoming episode, Virat will realise his mistake and tell Pakhi that she has done so much for him and their family.

Virat apologizes to her for never appreciating or understanding her sacrifices.

Virat then tells her that he is ready to start a new beginning with her, while she looks at him being hopeful.

On the other side, Sai tells Usha that Virat will never come to find her. At this, Usha asks Sai, what she will do if he comes in front of her.

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