GHKKPM 3 September 2022 Written Update: Gulabrao plans to kill Sai, and sends goons

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 3rd September 2022 Written Update: Gulabrao plans to kill Sai, and sends goons


At the start of today's episode, Pakhi is seen crying in front of Virat. She denies his accusations and tells him that she wasn’t aware of Bhavani’s surprise.

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Pakhi breaks down stating how hard her life is, but still, she is trying to live it only for her son Vinayak. She requests Virat not to make it more difficult for her, while Virat feels guilty after seeing her in pain.

On the other side, Usha tries to convince Sai to tell the truth to Savi. She proclaims that people will keep asking Savi about her father and when she won’t able to reply, then they will humiliate her and make her life hard to live.

Usha requests Sai to think about Savi, but Sai stays firm on her decision.

Then, Sai tells that she doesn't want Virat or her past to affect Savi’s future. She is determined to keep it away from Savi. Whereas, Usha shows her disappointment towards Sai.

At Chavan Niwas, Virat keeps thinking about the matter while sitting in front of God’s idol, while Ashwini comes there and starts having a conversation with him.

Ashwini says that they just want him to be happy and suggest he should move on in his life with Pakhi.

Ashwini then reveals to Virat that it was her and Bhavani’s plan to send them on a vacation trip, but he lashed out at Pakhi for no mistake her.

Ashwini reminds him of how he had reunited her with Ninad in past, to which Virat gives credit to Sai. Ashwini gets displeased hearing Sai’s name and reminds him that she is gone and won’t return back.

Then, Ashwini asks Virat to move ahead in his life for himself as well as Vinayak and his family. She says that it’s painful to see him suffer, while Virat gets teary eyes.

Ashwini tries to convince him of all the responsibilities which Pakhi fulfils. She praises Pakhi and says that she handles everything without any expectations.

Later, Virat joins Vinayak and Pakhi at the hospital. They are waiting for the doctor’s appointment, while Virat says sorry to Pakhi for his mistake.

Pakhi again cries and expresses her pain to him. She says that life was always hard for her and proclaims that when she started loving Samrat, destiny snatched him from her.

Then she says that when she married Virat, whom she used to love always, even he never tried to move away from his past.

Hearing all these, Virat takes a big decision and agrees to go on the trip along with Pakhi, while Pakhi gets elated hearing about it, and Vinayak assures her that he can manage without them.

At Chavan Niwas, Bhavani gets concerned for Pakhi, while right at that time they get a call and are delighted to know that Virat is ready for the trip.

On the other side of the story, Sai surprises Savi and apologizes to her, while Savi keeps ignoring her.

Sai starts acting to get forgiveness from Savi, while Savi finally gets convinced and forgives her mother.

Savi also promises Sai that she won’t ask about her father anymore and wishes to have a father like Vinayak.

Later, a lady comes to Sai's home and asks Sai to come along with her for Gayatri’s delivery.

In Nagpur, the doctor checks Vinayak and appreciates his health progress while Vinayak gives credit to Savi’s mother.

Hearing all the positives from Vinayak, the doctor advises continuing the treatment with the lady doctor, while Virat decides to get more ointment from Savi’s mother.

On the other side, Gulabrao plans to kill Sai in order to teach her a lesson, whereas Haria stops Sai from doing his wife Gayatri’s delivery.

Sai tries to make him understand but he gives a warning to her and denies letting her get inside his house.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Pakhi decides to go to Kankauli for Vinayak’s treatment and postpones her trip with Virat, stating that her son's health is her priority.

At this Virat gets impressed with her and Vinayak becomes happy to meet Sai and Savi.

Meanwhile, Bhavani shares her worry regarding Pakhi and Virat’s relationship. She fears misfortune and prays for Virat and Pakhi.

On the other hand, Sai proclaims that Virat won’t come looking for her, while Usha questions that what if he stands in front of her, then what she will do?

Whereas, Virat assures Pakhi to start a new beginning with her.

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