GHKKPM 5 September 2022 Written Update: Sai talks to Virat over the phone; Virat finds out that Sai is alive

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 5th September 2022 Written Update: Sai talks to Virat over the phone; Virat finds out that Sai is alive


At the start of today's episode, Gulabrao and his men prepare to teach a lesson to Sai. Gulabrao smirks thinking about his ploy and proclaims that Sai will have to bear the punishment for her mistake.

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Fate brings Virat and Sai face-to-face, both see each other and get stunned

Gulabrao gets furious remembering the way she misbehaved with him and declares that he won’t leave her.

Meanwhile, Sai reaches Gayatri’s place after learning about her complicated delivery. She tries to get inside the house in order to help but her husband Haria prohibits her.

Haria along with other goons stands against Sai and doesn’t allow her to see Gayatri.

Haria proclaims that he doesn’t want Sai near his wife, whereas Sai says that Gayatri needs her. She requests Haria to understand but he remains adamant.

Sai gets irked and starts fighting against the goons. She takes a stand for Gayatri and is determined to go inside.

Sai then gives a warning to them, while at that time a lady comes out and tells them that the situation of Gayatri and the baby is critical. She gets furious seeing Sai and asks Haria not to let her inside.

Then, Sai gathers courage and raises her voice against them. A man makes Haria understand that Sai is ready to take the blame if anything goes wrong and insists that Haria let her go inside.

Haria finally agrees with the condition, while Sai gets worried after seeing the situation and panics after noticing the complications.

On the other side, Gulabrao gets the news that Sai took all the responsibility and is trying to save Gayatri and the baby.

Gulabrao also learns that the case is complicated and the chances of survival are really low. He smirks thinking about insulting and throwing Sai out of the place, as soon as she fails to save Gayatri.

Whereas, Sai recalls her delivery time during Savi and remembers how she faced all the problems and pains.

Then, Sai encourages Gayatri to push the baby out. She keeps motivating her and proclaims that they need a hospital in their village to perform such cases.

Sai finally gets successful in delivering the baby and becomes elated.

At Chavan Niwas, Virat and Pakhi notify the Chavan family about visiting Savi and her mother regarding Vinayak’s treatment.

Vinayak gets excited to meet Savi, while Bhavani questions about Virat and Pakhi’s trip, to which Pakhi replies that she can go on the trip anytime and says that Vinayak is her priority.

Everyone gets elated hearing about it, while Virat initiates a conversation with Pakhi and gives her an ice cream. Both Virat and Pakhi enjoy some quality time with each other.

Later, Vinayak calls Savi and informs her about their visit to their house.

Pakhi then tells them that they need to book an appointment with Savi’s mother while Savi asks them to come anytime.

Pakhi enjoys talking with Savi and her innocence. Later Pakhi asks Savi to let her speak with some elders at her home.

Then Savi gives the phone to Usha and both Pakhi and Usha feel familiar while talking to each other over the phone.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that both Virat and Vinayak are on their way to Kankauli in their car, Pakhi is not with them at this time.

Vinayak is excited to meet Savi and her mother. He calls Sai and tells her that he is coming to her house with his father, in order to get treatment from her.

Sai smiles excitedly and asks him to come soon.

Then Vinayak questions her about her address and keeps the phone on speaker so that Virat can hear the location.

Just at this time, Sai herself as Sai Joshi, hearing the name and the voice Virat gets shocked.

Virat takes Sai’s name, while Sai also gets confused.

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