GHKKPM 6 September 2022 Written Update: Fate brings Virat and Sai face-to-face, both see each other and get stunned

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th September 2022 Written Update: Fate brings Virat and Sai face-to-face, both see each other and get stunned


At the start of today's episode, Pakhi is seen talking to Savi and enjoys her conversation with her.

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Pakhi then decides to book an appointment with her mother and asks Savi if there is any elder in her house.

Savi gives the phone to Usha, while Pakhi talks to Usha, and Usha feels that Pakhi's voice is familiar and tells her about it, but Pakhi replies that she never came to Kankauli and so doesn’t know them.

Pakhi then talks about the treatment of Vinayak by Savi’s mother, while Usha asks her to come whenever they want. Then the call gets completed and Vinayak gets excited to meet Savi.

Here, Virat comes back to his room and sees Vinayak and Pakhi discussing something. He asks about the matter to which she replies that it’s a secret between mother and son.

They all enjoy their family time, while Virat shows the things he brought for them. He gives Vinayak snacks and shows the gifts he brought for Savi.

Pakhi gets emotional seeing the back pillow for her and looks at Virat, to which he replies that he has seen her struggling with the pain. Pakhi gets elated and shows her gratitude toward him.

Meanwhile, they plan to visit Kankauli together. Virat informs them about the guest house he had booked and decides to spend some time with his family.

On the other side of the story, all ladies praise Sai for doing such a complicated delivery. They then tell Haria how Sai saved Gayatri and the baby.

Hearing this, Haria gets emotional and apologises to Sai for doubting her. She explains to them the importance of the hospital in the village, and they agree with it, but the goon of Gulabrao keeps provoking them against Sai.

Whereas, Gulabrao sees Sai and gets furious as his plan got failed.

Then, Sai returns back to her house and sees Savi excitedly preparing for Vinayak’s arrival and she tells the news to Sai.

Sai then helps Savi in making Modaks and she too gets excited to welcome Vinayak and his family.

At Chavan Niwas, Mohit tells Pakhi about the trouble in their business and she gets shocked and asks about the matter.

Then, the Chavan family starts scolding Mohit for not being able to handle a small matter, while he informs that how a client had filed a false case against them.

Mohit gets worried and tells them about the consequences, to which Pakhi says that for her Vinayak’s treatment is the priority and she tells that she can’t miss it.

Pakhi gets into turmoil, while Omkar assures to handle the situation. But the Chavan family along with Mohit denies to trust in Omkar and insists Pakhi take the charge.

Pakhi gets worried as she is unable to take a decision. She goes inside her room while everyone feels bad for her.

Pakhi then recalls all the soothing words of Virat and remembers how they planned to spend quality time with one another.

Pakhi gets disheartened thinking about the complicated situation and gets into a dilemma.

Later, Virat also goes to his room and consoles Pakhi. He assures her that he will look after Vinayak and will keep updating her about his health.

Virat motivates Pakhi and proclaims that only she can handle the business. He encourages her to show the client her reputation, while she smiles at him.

Virat convinces her to look after the business matter and decides to take Vinayak to Kankauli along with him.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Virat reaches Kankauli along with Vinayak. He meets Savi and drops her to the function along with some other ladies.

At that time Pakhi calls him, and Virat informs her that he is waiting to meet Savi’s mother.

Then, everyone starts dancing and celebrating, while Virat joins along with Savi.

On the other hand, Vinayak is seen dancing with Sai. Then suddenly the rain starts pouring and Virat calls Savi towards him, but she rushes toward Sai.

And then both, Sai and Virat turn their face toward each other and both get shocked to see each other.

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