YHC 3 September 2022 Written Update: Pihu gets proof against Vidyut; Preesha sees Rudra and kids in Armaan's room

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd September 2022 Written Update: Pihu gets proof against Vidyut; Preesha sees Rudra and kids in Armaan's room


At the start of today's episode, we see Armaan mixing some powder in the glass of the drinking water and then giving it to Preesha to drink it.

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Ruhi sees everything and thinks that Rudra was right that Armaan is giving some medicines to Preesha.

Ruhi then goes and tells about it to Rudra, Saaransh and Vanshika.

Hearing this, Rudra says that his doubt about Armaan was correct. Then he tells them that they have to find that medicine in Armaan’s room.

Rudra then says that they have to search for medicine in Armaan’s room when he is not present in the house.

The next day, Vanshika says that she has been allocated to do household chores so she can easily enter Armaan’s room easily and she can search for the medicine.

Ruhi says that she will also go with Vanshika to handle the situation in case something goes wrong.

Then they both leave from there, while Saaransh tells Rudra not to worry because Vanshika and Ruhi are a solid team.

Both Ruhi and Vanshika reach the drawing hall and Ruhi asks Kanchan if she can go and take Preesha’s help with her homework and she allows Ruhi to go and take help from Preesha.

While Armaan sees Prema there and asks her what is she doing there.

At this Kanchan tells him that Prema wanted to do some work so she told Prema to clean the house.

Armaan who still have doubt about Prem and Prema both nod at her and then he leaves for the office.

Both Saaransh and Rudra see Armaan going out of the house and they become happy, but their happiness is short-lived as Digvijay returns home to get some files.

Seeing Digvijay back, both Saaransh and Rudraksh get shocked. 

To inform about Digvijay's return to the house and going to Armaan's room, Rudra and Saaraansh both quickly go to the outhouse and Rudra tries to call Vanshika.

On the other side, Vanshika who is in Armaan's room searching for the medicine is unaware of Rudra's call since her phone is silent and she misses Rudra's call.

Just at that time, Digvijay enters Armaan's room and seeing Prema searching for something, he shouts at her as to what she is doing in Armaan’s room.

Prema gets frightened and drops the flower vase on the floor. Hearing all this, Preesha, Ruhi and Kanchan also come there, while Kanchan asks what happened.

At this Prema says that she was cleaning Armaan’s room and she got frightened when Digvijay suddenly came in there and screamed at her and the flower vase fell on the floor.

Hearing this, Kanchan asks her to clean the other rooms of the house and go from there.

Prema quickly leaves the room, while Digvijay asks Kanchan what Prema was doing in Armaan's room and she should not forget that Prema used to work in Rudra’s house earlier, so they cannot trust her.

Kanchan tells Digvijay not to think too much, as she was just doing her work assigned by her and she used to work at Rudra's house in the past and not now.

Digvijay who is still in doubt and is not happy at all after seeing Prema in Armaan's room leaves the room with the file.

On the other side of the story, Raj comes to meet Pihu outside Thakur's house.

While Pihu questions Raj why he came to meet her now when he did not say anything when Vidyut threw her out of the Khurana house.

Raj tells Pihu that someone had indeed mixed something in his green tea deliberately so that he cannot perform in the competition.

Pihu asks him if he is suspecting her. At this Raj tells her that he knows she can not do something like this. He says that he did not eat or drink anything else other than green tea on that day.

Raj asks Pihu to help him find out the real culprit, while she tells him that she will help him.

In the outhouse, Vanshika apologizes to Rudra, while Rudra tells her that, that’s fine, as it was not her mistake. Then Rudra says that they have to swap the medicines tonight at any cost.

They plan to give sleeping pills to Armaan so that they can easily find the medicines in his room after he falls asleep.

At this Prema mixes some sleeping pills in Armaan’s sweet dish and serves it to Armaan.

Armaan feels sleepy and he goes to his room and sleeps.

Later in the night, Rudra, Saaraansh, Ruhi and Vanshika sneak into Armaan’s room, while Rudra confirms that Armaan sleeping.

Then they all start searching for the medicine in his room.

Just at that time, Rudra notices and says that something is behind the painting. He then removes the painting with the help of Vanshika but since the painting is very heavy, they drop it by mistake on the floor.

Preesha hears the noise from Armaan’s room and wakes up.

At Khurana's house, Raj thanks Pihu over the call for agreeing to help him, while Vidyut comes to Raj's room and starts to badmouth Pihu.

At this, Raj tells Vidyut that he trusts that Pihu is innocent. But then Raj reveals to Vidyut that Pihu helping him to find the real culprit who has mixed something in his Green Tea.

Vidyut gets shocked to know this.

Episode ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Rudraksh finds Armaan’s locker. But unfortunately, Preesha also enters Armaan's room after hearing the noise and she finds Ruhi standing in Armaan's room.

On the other side, we see Pihu watching the CCTV footage of the green room and she finds that it's Vidyut who is mixing some powder in Raj’s green tea and he is the real culprit.

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